PonnuswamyPriya Ponnuswamy

Marketing Manager, ISSA

Priya (pronounced Pree-ah) Ponnuswamy is Marketing Manager at ISSA, the world wide cleaning industry association. She brings a strong understanding of the cleaning industry and its channel partners as well as an in-depth knowledge of end-user challenges and needs.

Priya holds a masters in marketing communications and has more than seven years of experience in brand strategy and marketing as well as expertise in brand management, product and training development, channel research and customer education. In addition to her work in the cleaning industry Priya also has worked in the global product testing and certification, and power tool and accessories markets with such firms as Intertek Testing and Certification, and Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, and American Tool Corporation.

Thursday 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
Wipe Opportunities: Pathogen Prevention (continued)

Cleaning Industry End-User Challenges and How Channel Partners Can Help

This presentation aims to give the audience a better understanding of the cleaning industry, the stakeholders, and challenges faced by end-users in sourcing high performing products that are also cost-effective. With case studies to illustrate the impact of proper cleaning and the need for cleaning products that can help prevent the spread of Antibiotic resistant organisms (AROs), the presentation issues a call to action to suppliers of cleaning raw materials to think in terms of sustainability, performance, and infection control and prevention in their interactions with channel partners and end-users of cleaning products such as disposable and multi-use wipes.