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Jacob Holm & Sons AG

  • Address:
    Picassoplatz, 8
    CH-4052 BASEL
  • Phone: 41 612 702 302
  • Fax: 41 612 702 319
  • Website: www.jacob-holm.com

Janesville Acoustics

  • Address:
    29200 Northwestern Highway, Suite 400
    Southfield, MI 48033
  • Phone: (248) 948-1811
  • Fax: (248) 948-1822
  • Website: www.janesvilleacoustics.com

Janesville Acoustics is committed to serving the global automotive and transportation industry by providing superior thermal and acoustical products, services and solutions.


  • Address:
    132 Citizens Blvd.
    Simpsonville, KY 40067-6547
  • Phone: (502) 722-3740
  • Fax: (502) 722-3741
  • Website: www.jcem.ch

JCEM Digital CNC Controlled Pleaters & Peripherals|Innovative High End Products Swiss Quality!|Customer demands have led JCEM GmbH to create the worlds most innovative digitally controlled CNC Blade Pleater of our time. The P3 Digital CNC Blade Pleating Machine is a successor to both the P1 Pleater Model introduced in the 90s, and the P2 Digital pleater introduced in the Year 2000 at the 2005 Filtech Exhibition. Enhanced digital controls and kinematical blade movement provide filter manufacturers the highest accuracy and precision attainable for a world-class pleating process. |Our Swiss Certified Digital CNC Blade Pleating machines are the specified choice by many of the leading filtration companies worldwide. Our customers are those who need single or multi-layer pleating processes, total automation, touch screen window monitors, controlled on the fly parameter changes, increased production rates, scrap reduction, precise and consistent pleating, plus a quick return on their investment. |The JCEM Digital Pleater can pleat virtually all filtration/related materials with excellent results, from paper to wire mesh, single-layer synthetic, or multi layer configurations.|Additional peripheral equipments up to complete production lines have been successfully engineered and installed and can be added at any time as part of our modular concept solution.|An easy to use operator interface, guarantees labour cost savings based on set-up parameters being saved in a configuration file for quick re-call. At the touch of the screen, the customers predefined configuration file can be opened and within seconds the pleater is automatically setting itself up to start the repeat pleating job. Manufacturers can expect JCEM pleating machinery to produce precise vertical pleats while reaching high production speeds without experiencing any damage or waste. |Speeds of 200 pleats per minute, pleat heights to 4-3/4 and pleat widths to 94-1/2 can be configured according to customer requirements. We can supply our P3 Digital Pleater within 8 Weeks and we are proud to have the fastest delivery time World Wide!|JCEM stands for highest technology, top Swiss Quality machinery and delicate custom made engineering capabilities.

Jenkins, Wilson & Taylor (Patent Attorneys)

  • Address:
    University Tower, Suite 1200
    3100 Tower Blvd.
    Durham, NC 27707
  • Phone: (919) 493-8000
  • Fax: (919) 419-0383
  • Website: www.jenkinswilson.com/

Jiangsu Yingyang Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd.

  • Address:
    Renyang Industrial Park
    Zhitang Town
    Changshu, Jiangsu 215539
  • Phone: 86 512 5258 7768
  • Fax: 86 512 5258 8372
  • Website: www.yingyang.cn

The company's machinery products include, but are not limited to, the manufacture of carpet, geotextiles, synthetic leather, thermal and chemically bonded wadding, spunbond, automotive products, and other nonwovens.

Jingyin Fubang Import & Export Co., Ltd.

  • Address:
    #2-304, 117 Shoushan Road
    Jiangyin, Jiangsu 214431
  • Phone: 86-510-8688 8150
  • Fax: 86-510-8688 8960
  • Website: http://www.fubangcompany.com/

We sell spunlace machine lines, thermalbond and calender machine line, spunbond and SMS, needlpunch lines and wadding lines, many machines to make other nonwoven products. We also supply polyester fiber and viscose fiber and some end products.

John Anderson, Consultant

  • Address:
    2031 Sandy Pond Lane
    Waxhaw, NC 28173
  • Phone: (704) 243-1244

Consultation to fiber producers or marketing, product design and distribution.

Johns Manville Corporation

  • Address:
    P.O. Box 5108
    Denver, CO 80217-5108
  • Phone: (303) 978-2000
  • Fax: (303) 978-4654
  • Website: www.jm.com

Johns Manville Filtration has been providing filtration solutions since the 1940's and offers one of the widest arrays of filtration products in the world. Employing three Technology centers globally, Johns Manville Filtration offers the best solution for any of your filtration needs.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Personal Products Worldwide

  • Address:
    199 Grandview Road
    Skillman, NJ 08558-9498
  • Phone: (908) 904-1402
  • Fax: (908) 904-3748
  • Website: www.jnj.com

Joseph C. Howard

  • Address:
    110 Shea Lane
    Glenmoore, PA 19343-9508
  • Phone: (610) 425-0200

Jumpstart Consultants, Inc.

  • Address:
    4649 Carolina Ave., Bldg. 1
    Richmond, VA 23222
  • Phone: (804) 321-5867
  • Fax: (804) 321-5868
  • Website: www.jumpstartinc.net

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Jumpstart is a leading supplier of various tehnical and industrial fabrics for building construction, industrial, vehicle and other specialty applications. Core capabilities include finished goods converting, digital printing, product development, global sourcing, logistics and technical and marketing consultation.

JX Nippon ANCI, Inc.

  • Address:
    600 Townpark Lane
    Suite 075
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Phone: (404) 891-1300
  • Fax: (404) 891-1310
  • Toll Free: (877) 332-2624
  • Website: www.clafusa.com

JX Nippon ANCI, Inc. is a roll good producer and supplier of CLAF and Milife fabrics. CLAF fabric is a cross laminated polyolefin open mesh nonwoven which is used by itself for packaging and other applications and as a reinforcement for films, papers, nonwovens and other materials. End products include produce packaging, breathable composites for housewrap and roofing applications, reinforced envelopes and filtration products. In-house thermal lamination up to 120 inch width is offered to make custom composites. Milife is a cross laminated polyester nonwoven with a textile appearance, low elongation and high dimensional stability. End uses include decorative packaging, window treatments and wallcovering.