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O'Neal, Inc.

  • Address:
    10 Falcon Crest
    Greenville, SC 29607
  • Phone: (864) 298-2000
  • Fax: (864) 298-6350
  • Website: www.onealinc.com

O'Neal provides design, engineering, procurement, and construction services for capital projects to clients in the nonwovens industry.

Oerlikon Textile Inc.

  • Address:
    8801 South Boulevard
    Charlotte, NC 28273
  • Phone: (704) 916-4268
  • Fax: (704) 916-4209
  • Website: www.oerlikon.com/textile/

Oerlikon Neumag offers the broadest range of machinery for the manufacture of nonwoven materials. By bringing together the brands of Neumag, J&M, M&J, F.O.R., Autefa, Fehrer and Kortec, Oerlikon Neumag created a unique portfolio of key technologies for the production of spunmelt, airlaid, and carded nonwovens. |Oerlikon Neumag offers complete turnkey integration services whether the machines come from Oerlikon Neumag or not.|Additionally, Oerlikon Textile Inc. is the North American sales and service representative for Schott & Meissner. Schott & Meissner, based in Blaufelden, Germany, offers an extensive range of thermobond ovens, spray bonding, powder scatterers, laminating, and related equipment for the nonwovens industry.

OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.

  • Address:
    1455 J.A. Cochran Bypass
    Chester, SC 29706-0070
  • Phone: (803) 385-5181
  • Fax: (803) 581-8204
  • Toll Free: (800) 669-5236
  • Website: www.omnova.com

Few companies touch as many aspects of everyday living as OMNOVA Solutions. Our stunning and durable commercial wallcoverings, upholstery fabrics and laminates provide the finished surfaces for furniture, walls, vehicle seating and a variety of other uses. Our innovative emulsion polymers and specialty chemicals add distinctive performance features to many of todays essential products, such as coated paper, carpeting, disposable and durable nonwovens and textiles.

Ontex BVBA

  • Address:
    Korte Keppestraat 21
  • Phone: 32-53-333-600
  • Fax: 32-52-454-610
  • Website: www.ontex.be

Ontex is Europe's private label market leader in hygienic disposable products. With a focus on quality and innovation, we offer a wide range of products for baby care, feminine care and adult care. All Ontex products are produced both under our own Ontex brands and under private label.

Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc.

  • Address:
    PO Box 188
    South Lee, MA 01260
  • Phone: (413) 243-5460
  • Fax: (413) 243-5472
  • Website: www.onyxpapers.com

Onyx Specialty Papers, Inc. manufactures many specialty papers for a variety of different products and markets. Onyx produces a small number of niche wet laid nonwovens utilizing many different types of synthetic fibers. End uses for our wet laid products include activated carbon water filter media. We partner with our customers in sourcing high quality, high performance raw materials. We endeavor to foster new approaches to product development and cost management.

Optima Machinery Corporation

  • Address:
    1330 Contract Drive
    Green Bay, WI 54304
  • Phone: (920) 339-2222
  • Fax: (920) 339-2233
  • Website: www.optima-usa.com

Optima Machinery Corporation is the U.S. Representative of the Optima Group. Packaging of paper hygiene products has a name: Optima Group Nonwovens. The company stands for innovation in the sectors of home, infant and personal care and end-of-line automation. Optima Group Nonwovens machines have proven themselves with an impressive output, performance, flexibility and long-term operational reliability.

Orchidia Fragrances

  • Address:
    1525 Brook Drive
    Downers Grove, IL 60515
  • Phone: (630) 932-8104
  • Fax: (630) 620-9724
  • Website: www.orchidia.com

Since 1931, Orchidia brings passion to life's journey through the development and manufacture of fragrances, essential oils, and botanicals. Their inspired sensory creations serve segments ranging from air care to industrial applications. Their experiences staff of perfumers, chemists and applications teams utilizes the latest technologies, market insight to develop fragrances customized to your specifications. We challenge the conventions of perfumery to product fresh results. Orchidia's modern production operations in Downers Grove, Illinois and San Clemente, California offer the highest quality products with quick turn-around times. Their large warehouse facilities allow them to maintain ample product inventories, assuring economical and timely delivery to any location.

Osprey Corporation

  • Address:
    1835 Briarwood Road, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30329
  • Phone: (404) 321-7776
  • Fax: (404) 634-1401
  • Website: www.ospreyfilters.com

Process Air Filtration Systems, Dust Control and Recycling Systems.

Owens Corning

  • Address:
    303 North Hurstbourne Lane, Suite 275
    Louisville, KY 40222
  • Phone: (502) 394-5800
  • Fax: (502) 399-7224
  • Website: www.owenscorning.com

Our customers incorporate Owens Corning materials solutions to produce a host of products and equipment you probably never thought of. Like cars and computers. Optic fiber cables, pipes and bridges. Hockey sticks, tennis rackets and much more. By using Owens Corning glass fiber reinforcments and technological support, our customers can make their end-use applications stronger, lighter and more durable... see how our materials find their way into everyday life.

Oxco Inc.

  • Address:
    PO Box 33462
    Charlotte, NC 28233
  • Phone: (704) 333-7514
  • Fax: (704) 333-7517
  • Website: www.oxco.com

Strategic partnerships and in house production capabilities allow Oxco to offer nonwoven products that are custom slit, rewound, perforated, embossed, printed, laminated, and finished for a variety of end use applications. We are equipped to process and supply spunbond, needlepunch, stichbond, spunlace, and other structures of nonwoven products.