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Leigh Fibers Inc.

  • Address:
    1101 Syphrit Road
    Wellford, SC 29385
  • Phone: (864) 439-4111
  • Fax: (864) 439-4116
  • Website: www.leighfibers.com

Leigh has more experience, capacity and expertise than any supplier of traded or processed materials, and we strive to take the best possible care of our customers and, and of the planet we share.

Lenzing Fibers Inc.

  • Address:
    12950 U.S. 43 N
    Axis, AL 36505
  • Phone: (251) 679-2811
  • Fax: (251) 679-2880
  • Website: www.lenzing.com

Lenzing FR is a specialty viscose fiber. The abbreviation FR stands for flame resistant. Lenzing FR is a natural fiber derived from wood. It offers protection from heat and flame in a variety of different applications. Unique thermal insulation properties combined with permanent flame resistance make Lenzing FR a Heat Protection Fiber. It offers protection from all kinds of heat and its functional properties help to prevent heat stress and heat stroke.

Leway International Fairs Co., Ltd.

  • Address:
    Room 719, Ruichen International Center
    13 Nongzhanguan South Road
  • Phone: 86-10-51295359-8015
  • Fax: 86-10-51295379
  • Website: www.lewayfairs.com

Beijing Leway International Fairs Co., Ltd. aims to promote the communication between Chinese manufacturing industry and the rest of the world during industry exhibitions and trade fairs. Through years of experience, we organized thousands of Chinese enterprises participated nearly 400 trade fairs, exhibitions and industrial shows abroad.

Lia Diagnostics

  • Address:
    1241 Carpenter St., Suite 206
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • Phone: (717) 799-7795
  • Website: www.liadiagnostics.com

Lia Diagnostics is using nonwovens to create a new consumer product; the first flushable pregnancy test.

Lifshutz Consulting

  • Address:
    12985 W. Kokopelli Drive
    Peoria, AZ 85383
  • Phone: (623) 242-7304

Consulting to the Nonwovens Industry in the area of wet laids, dry laids, air laids, meltblowns, and electrospuns, all for applications in filtration, battery separators, and wipes. I consult in the areas of product development and improvement, process development and improvement, and intellectual property. I deal with cellulose pulp fibers, glass microfibers, and the whole gamut of synthetic fibers.


  • Address:
    440 Park Avenue South, 14th Floor
    New York, NY 10016
  • Phone: (917) 968-2552
  • Website: www.mylola.com

We are a feminine hygiene start-up that creates tampons and liners made from/with 100% cotton.

Lonza Inc.

  • Address:
    90 Boroline Road
    Allendale, NJ 07401
  • Phone: (201) 316-9200
  • Fax: (201) 696-3570
  • Website: www.lonza.com

Lonza sells disinfectants, both active ingredients and formulations, to wipe converters for them to produce disinfectant wipes. Additionally, Lonza sells preservatives for use in baby and other wipes to extend shelf life by inhibiting microbial growth.

LUCIDi4 Limited

  • Address:
    125 Soi Chan 32
    Sathorn, Bangkok 10120
  • Phone: 668-1755-4131
  • Website: www.lucidi4.com

LUCIDi4 helps manufacturing leaders get optimum results from their factories using real time data systems to direct the daily operations.

Lydall Performance Materials, Inc.

  • Address:
    134 Chestnut Hill Road
    Rochester, NH 03867
  • Phone: (603) 332-4600
  • Fax: (603) 332-9602
  • Website: www.lydallpm.com

Lydall Performance Materials is a leader in delivering innovative filtration and insulation solutions for demanding applications to enable a cleaner, healthier, and more energy efficient world. We engineer technical nonwovens, membranes, and composite products.