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Barnhardt Purified Cotton (Member since 2006)

  • Address:
    P.O. Box 34276
    Charlotte, NC 28234
  • Phone: (704) 376-0380
  • Fax: (704) 342-1892
  • Toll Free: (800) 277-0377
  • Website:

Barnhardt Purified Cotton provides purified and bleached cotton as a raw material from 2 manufacturing sites located in the US; Charlotte, NC and Colrain, Mass. This raw material is used in a variety of end products including Q-tips, cotton balls, facial pads, tampons, feminine pads, baby wipes, medical wipes, personal wipes, surface wipes, wound care, absorbent dental products and a variety of beauty products. In addition, Barnhardt provides carded cotton, rayon and polyester used as an in-process product for many of the same end uses. Barnhardt is also a leading supplier to the Pharmaceutical industry of fiber used in pill packaging; the Dental market for absorbent products and the Beauty market for disposable products.

BASF Corporation (Member since 1968)

  • Address:
    3304 Steele Westinghouse Blvd
    Charlotte, NC 28217-9730
  • Phone: (704) 423-2000
  • Fax: (704) 423-2016
  • Toll Free: (800) 216-3640
  • Website:

At BASF, we provide the resources as a global industry leader along with the consumer insights and innovative drive our customers expect. In all personal care and hygiene segments, they profit from our winning combination of worldwide reach, technological power and formulation know-how. We are developing superabsorbent polymers with innovative properties enabling our customers to design new generations of diapers and hygiene products. With a global network of research, production and service sites, we are a leading partner of the global hygiene industry.

BCNonwovens, SL (Member since 2021)

  • Address:
    Avenida Diagonal 463 Bis
    9th Floor
    08036 BARCELONA
  • Phone: 34- 93-363-7200
  • Website:

We are a spunlace roll goods producer for personal care, home care, medical, hygiene, and technical applications.

Beckmann Converting, Inc. (Member since 2005)

  • Address:
    14 Park Drive
    Amsterdam, NY 12010
  • Phone: (518) 842-0073
  • Fax: (518) 842-0282
  • Website:

Beckmann Converting, Inc. is a world leader in the manufacture of multi-layer high performance textile composites. We combine leading edge ultrasonic bonding technology with years of experience to laminate continuous wide web, roll-to-roll technical textiles with processes scalable to high volume production. Our customers rely on Beckmann Converting to manufacture their textile composites cost effectively and with consistent test verified quality to meet their demanding performance requirements in their end use applications. In New Product Development, we address the manufacturability and scalability of the lamination production process necessary to bring a finished product to market. Our ability to rapidly create hand samples and roll trial product on actual production equipment enables our customers to explore alternate designs accurately and efficiently. Customers penetrate new markets with innovative products much sooner than anticipated.

Berry Global, Inc. (Member since 1973)

  • Address:
    9335 Harris Corners Parkway
    Suite 300
    Charlotte, NC 28269
  • Phone: (704) 697-5100
  • Fax: (704) 697-5116
  • Website:

Bierrebi International (Member since 2014)

  • Address:
    105 Ben Hamby Drive
    Suite E
    Greenville, SC 29615
  • Phone: (864) 234-5992
  • Fax: (864) 234-5785
  • Website:

Italian company, Bierrebi, SRL, produces automatic die cutting systems, traditionally sold to the casual wear apparel industry. Certain machine modifications and refinements now make it applicable in some areas of the nonwovens industry. Bierrebi International is the exclusive distributor of this equipment in North and South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Birla Cellulose / Multifibres and Yarns (USA) Inc. (Member since 2009)

  • Address:
    7300 Carmel Executive Park
    Suite 305
    Charlotte, NC 28226
  • Phone: (704) 910-2665
  • Fax: (704) 841-1904
  • Website:

Birla Cellulose is the umbrella brand of the Aditya Birla Groups fibre business. The group manufactures 3 generation of man-made cellulose fibres- Birla Viscose, Birla Modal and Birla Excel.|Birla Purocel is the Viscose Non-Woven Fibre offering from Birla Cellulose. Made from completely natural and renewable resource wood pulp, Birla Purocel is biodegradable and eco-friendly. |Birla Purocel is the purest form of cellulose, the only completely heavy metal free fibre engineered for non-wovens. It is the ideal choice for hygiene applications.

Blue Heaven Technologies (Member since 2005)

  • Address:
    2820 South English Station Road
    Louisville, KY 40299
  • Phone: (502) 357-0132
  • Website:

We believe that the only long term, true measure of a successful organization is uncompromised attention to the goals and objectives of our customers. We strive to attain that measure of success by: Giving full attention to complete, clear development and understanding of our clients goals and objectives. Utilizing our skills and experience to build working relationships that fulfill our clients' goals and objectives. Maintaining a commitment to moral and ethical business principles.

Bohlander Associates (Member since 1988)

  • Address:
    54 Herrmann Lane
    Easton, CT 06612
  • Phone: (203) 331-5967
  • Fax: (203) 268-1718

Bohlander Associates LLC was established in 1987 as an export/import marketing and consulting firm. Since its inception, Bohlander Associates LLC has generated over one billion US$s in new sales for client companies. Bohlander Associates LLC has specific expertise in industrial fibers, nonwovens and cosmetics. Client affiliations include several major international companies.

Bondex Inc. (Member since 2017)

  • Address:
    2 Maxwell Drive
    Trenton, SC 29847
  • Phone: (803) 663-1922
  • Fax: (803) 663-9626
  • Website:

Thermal bond manufacturer and spunlace manufacture. Also lamintation, calendering, and other services to the industry. (Member since 2021) offers patented option, for purchase.
Option for the incontinent male; diaper with front fly.
Front fly brief offers alternative for male incontinence.

Bringabouts (Member since 2022)

  • Address:
    200 Broadhollow Rd
    Ste 207
    Melville, NY 11747-4806
  • Phone: (516) 313-8271
  • Website:

Bringabouts™ is in development of sustainable ointment application solutions. We source compostable, plant-based wipes and have been in collaboration with various manufacturers for sourcing and testing.