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Kaneka Americas Holdings, Inc. (Member since 2021)

Producer of modacrylic, collagen, ion-exchange, biodegradable, and compostable fibers. Producer of biosynthesized, biodegradable, and compostable thermoplastic resins.

Kelheim Fibres GmbH (Member since 2005)

  • Address:
    Regensburger Str. 109
    93309 KELHEIM
  • Phone: 49-9441-990
  • Fax: 49-9441-99601
  • Website:

Kelheim Fibres is one of the world's leading producers of viscose specialty fibers. The plant in Kelheim, Germany, couples innovative technology with technical expertise and provides outstanding customer service and R&D support. Our high-quality fibers are exported to 43 countries on 5 continents. We build and encourage development partnerships with our customers, using the pilot facilities available in Kelheim to create customized fiber solutions. The applications for our viscose fibers, GALAXY, DANUFIL and VILOFT range hygiene and medical products to technical and household products. Our fibers are used for the production of teabags, wound dressings, wipes, femcare, medical devices and filters.

Kenvue (Member since 2002)

  • Address:
    199 Grandview Road
    Skillman, NJ 08558-9498
  • Phone: (908) 904-1402
  • Fax: (908) 904-3748
  • Website: www.jkenvuecom

Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Member since 1986)

  • Address:
    1400 Holcomb Bridge Road
    Roswell, GA 30076
  • Phone: (770) 587-8104
  • Fax: (770) 587-7241
  • Website:

Kleen Test Products (Member since 2010)

  • Address:
    1611 Sunset Road
    Port Washington, WI 53074
  • Phone: (262) 284-6600
  • Fax: (262) 284-6623
  • Website:

Kleen Test is one if the worlds largest contract manufacturers and packagers of wet wipes, dryer sheets, liquids, nonwovens, and confectionery products.

Knowlton Technologies, LLC (Member since 1995)

  • Address:
    213 Factory Street
    Watertown, NY 13601
  • Phone: (315) 782-0600
  • Fax: (315) 782-7517
  • Website:

For over 200 years the company has quietly prospered as one of northern New Yorks most versatile paper mills, manufacturing a variety of wet laid Non-Wovens including absorbent media, performance filter media, high-energy friction materials, moldable pre-pregs and high temperature gaskets. These are just a few of the technical products winning a variety of customer accolades for innovation and performance. The company focuses on innovative markets to remove technical roadblocks where wet laid non-woven media provides profitable solutions and value for its customers. The company is privately held, and is located on the Black River in northern New York. Using Technical expertise Knowlton engineers a multitude of traditional and non-traditional papermaking materials into these valuable solutions. |A snapshot of the equipment:| 72 Flat Wire Fourdinier, a 63 Inclined Wire Fourdinier| 63 inclined wire Fourdinier| 20 Flatwire Fourdinier| 72 solvent saturator, impregnator| Multiple rewinders| Cold spray lamination| Sheet conversion |Services:| Custom specialty Papermaking| Custom formulation| Propriatery material processing techniques| Solvent saturation| Equipment rental| Toll work|Materials Processed:| Natural and synthetic fibers| Carbons and Graphitic materials| Micro and Nano fibers| Filled Non-Wovens| Saturation resins ; Phenolic, epoxy, PVA,PVOH, PP, VA, SA, and other resins

Kruger Inc. (Member since 2020)

  • Address:
    3285 Bedford Road
    Montreal, QC H3S 1G5
  • Phone: (514) 343-3100
  • Website:

Kruger Inc. has its core activities in the pulp and paper sector.