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Rabbit Air (Member since 2020)

  • Address:
    9242 1/2 Hall Road
    Downey, CA 90241
  • Phone: (562) 861-4688
  • Website:

Founded in 2004, our Los Angeles-based company has dedicated its time, energy, and resources to perfecting a product that improves quality of life: the air purifier. Our dedication to air purification has led us to become one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.; we have been ranked as such from 2009 to 2018 by Inc. magazine.

RCM AB (Member since 2021)

  • Address:
    Box 1240
    18312 TABY
  • Phone: 46-851-541-440
  • Website:

RCM AB a company that is growing. We have great plans for the future and our goal is simple. We want to make better and better machines, constantly listening to our customers seeking for possibilities for improvements.

To secure our position on the market we make sure that we stretch the boundaries and make sure to use the latest technology, but without jeopardizing our customers productivity.

We at RCM AB aim at the top. Our goals are to have the most flexible, reliable and productive machines within all the different machine types we have in our portfolio. We believe this will automatically create growth and profit. During the last years this has been true with an annual average growth at approximately 25%.

We at RCM AB are fast. We are completely dedicated to flexibility, reliability and productivity.

We at RCM AB understand that we must learn from our customers. Flexibility, reliability and productivity only mean something when it is defined by the customer we are not inventors building perfect machines that no one wants all of us travel and visit customers doing installations, training or giving service.

This means that everyone in the organization understand that it is how it works in the hand of the customer that is important not how it can be under perfect conditions in the hands of an expert.

We concentrate on developing and making the best machines this means your expertise in how you organize your production and what types of liquids or materials you use stays your secret.

Redzone Production Systems (Member since 2021)

  • Address:
    1680 Meridian Ave, Suite 402
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Phone: (305) 908-4479
  • Website:

Reifenhauser REICOFIL GmbH & Co. KG (Member since 2021)

  • Address:
    Spicher Strasse 46
    53844 TROISDORF
  • Phone: 49 2241 481 0
  • Fax: 49 2241 481 744
  • Website:

REXtac, LLC (Member since 2014)

  • Address:
    2501 S. Grandview Ave.
    Odessa, TX 79761
    (432) 332-0058
  • Phone: (432) 332-0058
  • Fax: (432) 322-7258
  • Website:

Rextac is a producer of low molecular weight polypropylene (APAO) that can be used to adhere nonwoven fabrics to other substrates.

Richer Investment S.A. de C.V. (Member since 2011)

A consulting expert in the field of disposable personal absorbent care products with more than 25 years of experience. Richer Investment specializes in baby and adult incontinence products. We have helped investors with diaper factory projects all over the world, with clients in 26 countries. We perform diaper factory audits, product performance benchmarking, product design improvements, diaper industry training to raw material suppliers, and professional laboratory testing services. If it has to do with disposable diapers, we are your source.

RKW North America, Inc. (Member since 2013)

  • Address:
    270 Reasonover Avenue
    Franklin, KY 42134
    United States
  • Phone: (270) 598-7700
  • Fax: (270) 598-7711
  • Website:

We produce breathable and non-breathable backsheet films for the baby and adult incontinent diaper and femcare marketplaces.

Robinson, Inc. (Member since 2021)

  • Address:
    1740 Eisenhower Road
    P.O. Box 5905
    De Pere, WI 54115
  • Phone: (920) 494-7411
  • Website:

We are a manufacturer and integrator of equipment used in product handling for the nonwoven industry. Some examples of product handling equipment we build and integrate include: wet wipes canister and flat pack lines, consumer products lines, hygiene lines, and medical/healthcare product handling lines.

Rockline Industries (Member since 2003)

  • Address:
    1583 E Mountain Rd
    Springdale, AR 72764
  • Phone: (479) 756-9251
  • Fax: (479) 927-4345
  • Website:

Rockline is a global, world class manufacturer of premium quality products for both branded and private label categories. From coffee filters to wet wipe products, Rockline offers a comprehensive line of products for your everyday lifestyle. We are a recognized leader in innovation, product development, research, design, and manufacturing.

Rush & Company (Member since 2013)

  • Address:
    1519 East Deep Creek Overlook
    Awendaw, SC 29429
  • Phone: (303) 225-0355
  • Website:

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